DESAFRI is an e-marketplace specially for African Fashion & lifestyle design, a unique getaway to African fashion and everything you want to know about Cameroon designers.

We aim to provide a well-marketed and visible platform for independent designers to reach and distribute their products to a worldwide audience.

DESAFRI's Online platform ;- a concept brought forward to
recognize and promote the African Fashion Industry while connecting the beautiful / ancestral designs to the diaspora.
The company maintains a unique cross-platform online store that sells African designs (Men, Women & Children) clothing and delivered at your footsteps.

Selling to both international and local clients, with an impressive vision to sell African haute couture to the world. 
We would bring to you the best shopping experience. Our cutting-edge product teamed with DESAFRI’s excellent customer service and the advantages of an easy and secure online shopping experience will give you just that !

What makes DESAFRI superior than other African Fashion Companies ?

DESAFRI as Africa’s No.1 Online fashion retailer,being able to serve the globe, increasing its assortment depth and merchandise breath,with an Improved technology database for a breath taking customer user experience.

DESAFRI stands unique amidst the numerous Online retailers in Africa;because we originate from Cameroon - a country blessed with a rich cultural heritage, completely unique to itself. 

“Africa in miniature”, asserting that the country offers all the diversity of Africa.It consists of minimum of 250 ethnic groups /cultures and lifestyles and  hosts some of the most amazing and ancient cultures like the Baka and Badgeli pygmies in the Eastern jungle, the nomadic Mbororos on the Adamawa and North provinces, the animist Komas in the Alantika Mountains, but also Bantus, Kom and many more

Thereby, having a better understanding of African Haute Couture and foretelling exact customers needs,to deliver without at their footsteps unlike another retailer.

Our Customer Service Team is #1 Steadfast / experienced and Responsive.

DESAFRI | Design of Africa | #1 Online Shopping for African Designs.